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Project Description

These Boxes Will Protect Your Valuable Positions When It Transit


STANDARD CARTON BOXES /Regular slotted carton “ RSC”

Standard carton boxes, also known as a “regular slotted container” (RSCs), are cardboard that are shipped flat and used slots and scoresto take your shape. These cartons aremostly used for external packaging purposes. Regular Slotted Carton is the backbone that transfers most of the products from factories to consumers.
We manufacture regular cartons of different sizes and thickness. The type of carton suitable for your business depends on the nature of your product as well as the purpose of the carton. Our regular boxes are made using standard equipment.

Heavy Duty Boxes

Heavy duty Boxes used to pack and transport your large bulky items
The size and strength of these boxes make them ideal for most items you need to pack from small but heavy to large and bulky items being made from double wall Corrugated, these boxes will protect your valuable positions when it transit .