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Project Description

We Design And Manufacture Diecut Carton To Suit Any Product Form



The die cut carton provide different designs and shapes to protect and promote your products in a variety of ways. We design and manufacture die cut carton to suit any product form, any industry regardless of shape size and quantity , Our cartons come to you flat packed, taking up minimal storage space. They allow quick and trouble-free assembly; no staples, no tape, just self folding.
The term ‘Die-Cut’ describes the use of a knife or die, to cut or punch out a specific shape that can then be folded precisely. These boxes are carefully designed and produced to contain your product, despite its shape and size.

Fruit Trays

Corrugated Packaging keeps fruits and vegetables fresh from farm to store and is always tailor made to unravel potential in transport efficiency, shelf-life extension and promotion. A natural choice for packaging fresh.manufactured in various sizes, shapes and colours.


When visiting a retailer you will often find shelf ready packaging displaying the various products for sale. JCCI are able to manufacture a large range of different SRP(shelf ready products) options to get your products to store safely and display them effectively, our team can design unique and eye catching displays specifically for your needs .

Cup Holders

Now you can drink with comfort & style Colours,shapes and materials can be changed as per customer requires. Paper Cardboard Cup holders
Our cupholders are made of paper board, by pulp molding technology, make into paper pulp and finally shaping into cup holders.

 Binder file cartons

We have designed this file carton perfectly for binders, constructed of heavy weight corrugated cardboard with hinged lid for easy access